Hometown: Denver, Colorado USA
Birthday: January 14
Residences: Denver, Colorado; Salzburg, Austria
Parents: Harvin and Bobette
Siblings: Kris (younger brother)
Father’s occupation: Solar physicist
Mother’s occupation: Piano teacher
First piano teacher: Mother
Mentor: Pianist Pascal Rogé
Formal Education: University of Colorado College of Music
First solo concert: Denver, Colorado at age 6
Debut with orchestra: Breckenridge Music Festival performing Gershwin’s concerto in F
First job: Piano teacher at the age of 13
Likes: Traveling and discovering the world, being with family and friends, cooking and enjoying good food and wine, listening to music, watching movies, the NY Yankees, swimming, reading about music and history, cats
What characteristics best describe her: “I’m persistent, focused, determined, hard working and an individualist. I do everything my own way, and almost never follow the rulebook. I’m not sure if that is a positive or a negative, but it’s who I am and the way I do everything!”
What advice she would offer a kid: “Don’t be afraid to dream big. There will always be roadblocks on the way, as well as hard times and lots of people who try to discourage you, but if you believe in yourself, and you work hard and refuse to give up or give in, nothing can stop you from acheiving your dreams.”
Favorite movies: musicals and old movies, British mysteries, “James Bond. All of them!”
Favorite actors: Denzel Washington, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Leonardo DiCaprio, Cary Grant and Catherine Zeta-Jones
Favorite music: Classical, Latin pop
Favorite athletes: Baryshnikov, Yevgeni Plushenko, Mariano Rivera
Favorite pianists: Martha Argerich, Horowitz, Glenn Gould
What she would do if she were not a pianist: “I can’t imagine being anything other than a pianist! Music is my life and my passion; I’m miserable when I can’t play the piano!”
Favorite food: Pasta, sushi, rice, fruit
Favorite drinks: Red wine, green tea
Favorite books: Crime and Punishment (Dostoevsky), A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens), 20,000 Leagues under the Sea (Verne)
Favorite memories from childhood: “playing duets on the piano with my mom, traveling to different countries with my family, reading the funny stories my dad wrote for me about all the pretend things we dreamed up!, and watching Baryshnikov’s The Nutcracker at Christmas”
What music means to her: “Music has been the center of my life for as long as I can remember. I believe that it is one of the most precious gifts that mankind has been given. It transcends culture, time, religion, race, and social boundaries. It tells of history, nature, people, places, and events. It incorporates every known human emotion, speaks the unspeakable, and builds a bridge from the earthly to the sublime. It inspires beauty and desire, and has a power to unite people because it speaks to the common ground of all mankind, namely the soul”

“My deepest desire in life is to make a difference – no matter how small – in ensuring that classical music is there for future generations. Music is something that transcends boundaries, has the power to bring people together and to heal, and brings an irreplaceable beauty, joy, and meaning to life. It is my life’s desire to do everything I can to inspire others to discover and support classical music, and to make sure that it remains an integral and relevant part of everyday life, today and in the future.”
– Katie Mahan